Special Kind Of Salt Makes Dishes Taste Great & Helps You Lose Weight!

I love to cook.

It brings me back to being a little girl and cooking with my family.

It brought us all together.

And because of it, I love the entire process. Going to the store. Picking out ingredients. Maybe trying something new. To me, it’s meditative.

With the constant go-go-go of my schedule — and probably yours — it’s nice to be able to have a few hours to create and experiment, and then sit down to enjoy a delicious meal. I generally pick a Sunday Dinner as a time to have a nice relaxing meal.

OK, no delicious dish is made without Salt.

Beautiful salt mine

A salt mine in Germany

Salt is a key flavor enhancer for a variety of foods.

There is a reason why for centuries our ancestors have chosen to use Salt. One reason, being taste. Yet – they may have been on to something else, because the second reason is why the right kind of salt is in IV Solutions in hospitals.

The right kind of salt is jam packed full of potent healing capabilities. Jam packed full of minerals to flush out toxins, minerals keep you balanced, and minerals to ignite your metabolism. Jam packed full of cancer preventing minerals, mental clarity boosting minerals, and heart health minerals.

In short: Salt — again the right kind — is a near miracle food.

For example, let’s turn your average baked potato into a near superfood.

Set the oven on Bake for 475 Degrees.

Rinse the potatoes in water.

Then take a fork, puncture a few holes into the potatoes.

Put the potatoes into a bowl.

Take some coconut oil and liberally cover the skins.

Then take some sea salt and rub onto the potatoes.

Place in the top shelf of the oven.

Cook for 60-90 minutes (the longer the crispier the skin – I tend to not cover them in foil).


Now you have yourself a fat-burning, mental clarity boosting, joint pain relieving Baked Potato. Plus a delicious one at that.

The secret…

Is in the salt.

Aztec Sea Salt

I use Aztec Sea Salt.

Which you may have read about in yesterday’s eye-opening article.

You can grab your bag here.

Now keep in mind, supplies are incredibly limited.

Yet this Salt has incredible health benefits and I highly suggest ordering a number of bags and experiencing these benefits for yourself.

Check it out here:

Salt So Good Your Heart Will Thank You

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