Restrict Your Eating Habits Through Meditation

If you took a walk through my pantry…

You may be surprised.

Because in it, are foods considered “forbidden.”

Well… forbidden by some experts or hailed as the miracle by other experts.

When we desire to live healthier, lose weight, it’s easy to get caught up in judging foods as good or bad. We begin labeling certain foods as good or bad based from anecdotal evidence.

The reason I think diets fail 99% of the time is because we see it as a DIET.


There is no question doing your best to eat single ingredient foods is a better choice.

Yet here’s the thing…

Top Nutritionists and Psychologists often run weight loss studies known as “Restrain vs. Restrict“.

Restrained Eaters: This is the camp of low-carb diets, crash diets, or fad diets, or complicated “cycling” diets. In short, they rigidly follow a diet banning many foods.

Restricted Eaters: Are more concerned with calories. Or, simply eating a little less. (But not STARVING yourself.)

Restricted eating

Now this is not saying to go out and eat processed junk. In fact, restricted eaters actually tend to make “better choices.” As in, eating the apple instead of the muffin.

Restricted eaters tend to mentally have a better relationship with food and enjoy food.


“Enjoy food.”

It’s unfortunate because of diet peddlers, many of us, and I was one myself, get so warped in our views of food.

One day eggs are good… the next they are bad. (Truth: they are good… your brain loves them and your Gut Bacteria also loves them.)

So instead of “diet” here’s a better way to look at it: view it as “Eating Clean”.

And if you’re looking to lose weight… eat a little less.

Sounds simple right?

Well it is.

Though unfortunately, many of us have a hard time with that. It’s because of how diets have failed you before. Many diets turn your “stop eating signal” off.

What’s worse, is when that signal turns off, your body cannot absorb the nutrients which in fact can boost your health and metabolism.

Well, each one of us DOES indeed have a stop eating signal.

So how do we turn on this signal?

The signal which tells us to stop eating?

The signal which allows our bodies to absorb healing nutrients?

The signal which triggers our fat burning?

Here’s how…

Meditation is now widely touted as a remarkable and simple way to flip on the “stop eating” signal.

I think this is great.

Mainly due to the enormous mental relief that comes with this.

Because now, you can enjoy your favorite pasta dish. Or enjoy your favorite sweet treats. Versus hating yourself.

You can enjoy food without guilt or stress. Because naturally, you will just eat a bit less during the day.

That’s all.

Whereas restrained eaters… when they do break down and eat something “forbidden” they tend to go overboard.

Whereas a restricted eater can enjoy the treat.

My point is today…

You’re success is going to be dependent on how you feel. Not on fearing foods. I want you to enjoy your foods. To gain the beneficial benefits of good wholesome single ingredient foods. And more important, do what works for you.

Well if you need to turn on the “stop eating signal” to enjoy your favorite foods you can with my meditation flows below:

==> Turn On Your “Stop Eating Signal”

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