Just A Little Sunday Rant!

I hope your Sunday is going great!

Another week is coming up.

Today is a great day to relax, run errands, and get ready for the week.

As I said yesterday, for your stress levels, it’s critical you take time for yourself.

The most succesful people in the world have a habit of doing something for themselves. To them, it’s a form of meditation. And for many, it is meditation.

And some do it in a variety of ways.

World famous billionaire Warren Buffett takes a few hours in his day to read books.

Famous super model, mom, entrepreneur, and wife of Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen makes sure to meditate and do yoga.

Author Stephen King goes for an afternoon walk every day.

They find balance and sense of self when they do these activities for themselves.

It’s important to have a habit like this.

For me, today, it’s a 15 minute Meditation Flow, and cooking a nice dinner.

My advice: Take some time for yourself today.

Prepare for the week.

One of my guided meditation flows, will walk you through a peaceful relaxing flow that will center your mind, lower your stress, and help you sleep like a rock tonight to start your week off on the right foot.

==> Calm Your Mind And Erase Stress

Enjoy your you time today and the time with your family and friends!

Your Yoga Teacher,

Zoe Bray Cotton

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