Olive Oil Joint Pain & Soreness Remedy

Soreness and joint pain.

Both, related.

Sometimes after a good Yoga Flow we can be a bit sore.

I also know many in our Yoga Burn family do suffer from joint pain or even arthritis.

Well soreness and joint pain can keep us off our mats and keep us from getting the full benefits of Yoga Burn. However, exercise greatly reduces inflammation and joint pain. A little bit of a Catch 22 wouldn’t you say?

Well there is a delicious way to handle this joint pain.

Yes, I said delicious.

And it happens to be Olive Oil.

Yes, Olive Oil.

Fresh Pressed Olive Oil For Joint PainFresh-pressed and I mean FRESH (it must be fresh which I’ll get to why in a moment) Olive Oil drastically reduces joint pain and soreness.

Which is why after a challenging Yoga Burn flow, I will at some point make sure to get some fresh Olive Oil. I may dip a piece of bread in it at dinner, or drizzle it over Tomato slices… or use it to bake some Salmon.

Olive Oil contains dozens and dozens of fantastic healing benefits.

Especially benefits to cure those achy joints sore muscles. As well as being a marvelous help for those who have arthritis.

Here is the unfortunate thing though: Most Olive Oil available here in North America is utterly rancid. I highly doubt you’d buy Milk past it’s expiration date right? Well, nearly all the Olive Oil available here in North America, whether it’s from an all organic health store or a big name supermarket, even the ones marketed as “fresh,” are often MONTHS past their expiration date.

Joint Pain Relief With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Now you won’t notice it like rancid milk.

What happens is however, with rancid Olive Oil you lose out on all those joint healing, muscle-soreness reducing benefits. Plus all the other marvelous benefits Olive Oil will have on your body.

Another big bummer is…

Most of the Olive Oil sold here, as was exposed by 60 Minutes and The New York Times recently, is imported by the Mafia.


So it leaves us with the question….

Where do we go to get good, healthy, mafia-free Olive Oil?

Well I’m going to share with you where I get mine.

It tastes INCREDIBLE. I never knew until I got my first bottle, how truly amazingly good, healthy, mafia free, Olive Oil can taste. Plus it’s even more incredible how right after a challenging Yoga Burn Flow, when I had a bit of this Olive Oil with a sliced tomato and sliced avocado, my muscle soreness just about vanished.

I highly suggest, even implore, you find out more about this good, wholesome healthy Olive Oil on the next page:

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