How To Get Rid Of The Food Baby

Yesterday I talked about Fecal Impaction.

It’s gross, yet vitally important to your overall health, well-being, and obviously attaining a flat belly.

I’ve been getting some great feedback about the eye-opening video I sent over which you can see here.

To recap: Fecal Impaction is undigested rotting poop inside of your colon. If you’ve ever been plagued by that frustrating “Food Baby” or chronic constipation, and a whole host of other issues… then you may have it. (Again this video clarifies it for you.)

Today I have a few tips to help flush out Fecal Impaction and prevent it from happening to you.

We’ll call them my “Beat the Food Baby” Tips:

The 80% Grocery Shopping Secret

When you do your grocery shopping, do your best to get 80% of the foods you buy on the Outer Aisles of the store.

Here you will find simple, single ingredient foods.

Foods such as Fruits, Veggies, Sweet Potatoes, Meat, Poultry, Fish, Nuts Kefir, etc. Yet make sure to watch out for the Bakery section of the grocery store – this section does not count in this 80%. 😉

grocery produce isle

You see, single ingredient foods are proven to be way more beneficial on your digestion system. And there is enormous amounts of research also pointing out to its benefits for mental clarity.

Plus these are often the most satiating foods and provide a nice boost to your metabolism.

Processed foods on the other hand, the ones you will most commonly find in the middle aisles, your body has a very difficult time figuring out. The more ingredients it has — especially the ones you cannot pronounce — the more likely your body contribute these foods to Fecal Impaction.

When you do wander into the middle aisles, read the ingredients and look for the least amount of ingredients on the labels and preferably ones you can pronounce.

However it’s best to stay on the outer aisles for most of your shopping. Stick to that 80% and you will thank me later.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Dehydration is a big reason why we can look bloated.

Water is a huge aid in our digestion. It helps moves things right along in your digestive tract.

Yet, when you are dehydrated, and have had a diet consisting of processed foods, your body will do what’s called “Water Retention”. Which adds inches to your waistline when you are actually much thinner!

Plus, this could be a reason why you feel sluggish and “out of it” as I mentioned yesterday.

Now, there is no need to go overboard.

My advice, start off with a big glass of water first thing in the morning. And it’s a good idea to be sipping water throughout the day. Some of us may benefit from having water bottle to keep track if we often forget to drink enough water.

I like to slice a few lemons or cucumbers and put it in my water pitcher for a bit of taste.

Bonus tip: Green teas, Black Teas, and Herbal teas are also incredibly beneficial.

Yoga Burn!

Yoga does in fact help with bloat and digestion (check it out here).

A few poses, which you will find doing your practice that can boost your digestion are – “Child’s Pose”, “Knees to Chest” (on your back, pull your knees to your chest), and “One Legged Seated Spinal Twist”.

Again just by following along in your Yoga Burn flows, you will do these poses naturally. Yet feel free to hold these ones a little longer.

Now those are my three tips.

However, there are 10 Natural Substances created by Digestion and Flat Belly Expert Dr. Charles Livingstone which can immediately make 4-6 inches vanish from your waistline and ENSURE you are not being plagued by Fecal Impaction.

You can see his quick video here, I suggest you do:

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