How To Find More Time For Yourself

Are you giving yourself space?

For a number of years now, I’ve been a geek for information on relationships.

I am so intrigued with learning about how to experience deeper love, selecting partners wisely, how to move through challenging waters, and how to express yourself in a relationship

I find relationships to be incredible personal growth machines.

I hear one constant piece of advice to make a relationship or even single life work well. And it’s a piece of advice I see over and over again from top experts

It’s not “communication” either.

What is it?

It’s being Self Actualized.

An easier way to put it…

Being Self Aware.

Conscious with ourselves. Conscious about our partner. Conscious about the world around us.

Passionate Marriage BookI just finished reading the incredible, eye-opening book, Passionate Marriage by top relationship therapist, David Schnarch.

Honestly, whether you are married, in a relationship, or single… this is a book that should be read by everyone. It’s chock full of powerful life-changing personal growth advice. Advice that can be used anywhere in your life.

One of the key lessons he teaches – Differentiation.

Schnarch points out that one of the biggest reasons why we begin struggling in relationships, and even our lives (or with ourselves) is that we LOSE ourselves into the relationship. We become dependent on the other.

And in life, we end up in a sort of trance state. Without ever checking in on ourselves.

Shnarch goes on further to say we all need time to ourselves. To lean back and not always be worried about the other. To find our peace with ourselves and not from the other person.

In short, it’s crucial we check in with ourselves.

Without this checking in, we only increase personal anxiety, increase stress, increase resentment, and we lose sight of ourselves, and what truly matters to us.

I agree.

Make sure to find time for yourself when you can.

Even if it’s just for 15 minutes.

By doing so, your stress will just about vanish.

You will see things in a clearer light.

You will personally feel better.

And you will feel more vibrant.

If you’re interested in finding balance…

I’d personally love to guide you through a unique flow to calm your mind, banish stress, lower your cortisol, and give you that balance.

All you have to do is click this link, and then take some time to yourself. 😉

Zoe Bray Cotton

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