Finding The Time For Ourselves

A rising tide lifts all boats.”

It’s an old political saying.

Now I’m not going to get into politics here. Though, I want to point out, as far as health, you taking the time for yourself inspires others.

Especially those closest to you.

You see, I often get emails and questions with the theme of yearning to get healthy and lose weight. Yet, many are followed up with “I can’t find much time because I am taking care of…”

The taking care of tends to be, someone in poor health, kids, parents, etc.

Well here’s something that struck me the other day – if you are taking care of everyone else and have no time to take care of yourself… when you get unhealthy who is going to take care of you?

Another way of putting it is…

If you are beginning to suffer healthwise your ability to take care of others…diminishes.

The truth of it is – you owe it to yourself to take care of yourself.

You need to find the time in order to take care of yourself.

Working out, to me,  is almost a form of meditation.

And Yoga Burn will calm your mind.

Taking those  30 or 45 minutes to yourself pays off with enormous benefits.

We all need to shut out the world and take care of ourselves. Get ourselves in a good balanced spot.

Warriors can’t always be fighting. They need that time to train, to get strong for themselves so they can be strong when those dependent on them need it most.

The more you neglect you, the more you neglect what you need, you become more prone to ailments yourself. If you are more prone, you are less likely to to be able to be the inspirational lionness you need to be.

Yes, you working out is going to inspire others.

When you focus selfishly on your health others get inspired.

As an example:

I have thousands of clients in Yoga Burn who have now inspired inspired r husband’s, mom’s, grandmother’s, son’s, daughter’s, etc. to get THEIR health in order.

And I love it when I get an email from a husband of a Yoga Burn client saying “I got my health in order because my wife inspired me to live a bit healthier by taking care of herself.”

I mean… brilliant.

Just one individual started living better, and now the other half is getting on board.

So make that time for yourself.

Tap into that inner warrior.

Focus on you and keep on striving.

You got this!

Zoe Bray-Cotton

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