Can Meditation Help You Lose Weight?

Meditating in grass

Meditation + Exercise = 40% More fat burning capability.

That was in the Wall Street Journal a few issues ago.

Now the article said there have been no direct tests… yet it’s not surprising because of one simple reason.


Cortisol is designed to keep us safe from extreme stress. Back in the “Caveman” days cortisol is what kicked in to keep us safe and to increase our chance of survival from Saber-tooth cats.

A short burst of cortisol is actually a very healthy thing.

leptin-weight-gainYou will get this from exercise. Not just walking, but a good Yoga Burn flow will give you that boost. It will increase your Leptin, expand your muscle cell size (excellent for erasing stubborn belly fat!) and can actually flush out toxins.

However, cortisol was designed for just that – Short. Little. Bursts.

Unfortunately, in today’s society stress triggers cortisol..

Even certain processed foods, because of how our body digests them, cause inflammation which may increase cortisol.

As I said yesterday, just stressing out at traffic, or a tough day in the office puts our body on a steady drip of cortisol.

This steady drip of cortisol shuts down our fat burning hormone Leptin.

So many people are on this steady drip of cortisol

Exercise again, even though it gives a burst of cortisol, has remarkable benefits in fighting fat.

However it’s what we do with the stress. The anxiety. Or whatever gets us down.


When you’re able to recognize stress, or have built up strength to prevent it, you will not be affected by this cortisol drip. That person who grinds your gears at work will no longer be affecting your fat burning hormones.

Which is why, meditation is a crucial element to your body toning goals.

Meditation is often neglected, yet you cannot argue it’s marvelous effects to achieve a tight tone flat belly.

Mentally and physically utilizing meditation a few times a week, even if it’s just for 15 minutes, you will be amazed at the results you achieve.

If you want to boost your fat-burning capability by another 40% potentially, you can get my guided meditation flows on the next page.

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