The 80/20 Rule For A Healthy Belly

I have a confession…

Yesterday I talked a bit about food cravings.

I admit, I do have one “craving” I cannot resist…

It is…

Charley’s Steakhouse.

Here in Florida, not that far from me, there is a Charley’s Steakhouse.

Amazing – can’t even begin to describe how good it is.

You too may have a favorite restaurant or favorite dish that you love.

Well you know what?

You shouldn’t have to restrict yourself from your favorite dishes.

If you’re looking to achieve that tight tone, tummy…

Trying to restrict yourself from your favorite restaurant or dish only puts you FURTHER away from your goal. Weight loss or living healthy does not need to be a struggle. When you take on the “struggle” mentality, you only end up stressings yourself out, priming yourself to breakdown, feel guilty, and spiral with your diet.


There is an easy secret for enjoying what it is you want.

Three simple secrets actually…

1) Plan Your Diet

If you know you’re going to have a big meal at a place like Charley’s – plan your day and diet around it.

Let’s say you do have a big dinner planned…

Throughout the day, that’s when you keep the calories low. I for example may have only have two hardboiled eggs in the morning. And then I eat as I normally would at Charley’s. I don’t try to overreat or undereat. I just eat what it is I want.

2) Bookend Your Diet

So if the big meal is on say… Friday…

Thursday and Saturday eat a little bit less than normal.

A good rule of thumb is: Just eat 15-20% less at each meal or snack than you normally would. (This is where apps like Myfitness pal come in handy.)

So the day of your big brunch or dinner, or dessert… you won’t have to worry about it. Just being a little bit conscious makes it simple versus beating yourself up over it.

Now the best and easiest way to enjoy this meal without ANY sort of worry is…

3) Get your Micriobiome Cranking

We all know that one person who eats whatever they want and STILL looks great.

Their secret?

A healthy gut.


People who can eat whatever they want and still look great, I can all but guarantee have a balance of 80% healthy probiotic to 20% bad (pathogenic) bacteria in their gut.

You see, with the right Probiotic bacteria in charge of your system, you can have a big meal (within reason – this does not mean you can eat huge every night) and not worry about it adding inches to your waist.

In reality, a healthy gut is your BEST bet in order to enjoy those indulgences.

Maybe best of all, are the incredible benefits possessing a healthy gut has on your health.

Mountains of research now point to possessing a healthy gut as the fastest way to achieving long term health.

With the right Probiotic, one packed with super-potent ingredients… you will be resistant to diseases, turn back the clock on your aging, eliminate most digestion issues, gain incredible mental clarity and be able to get and keep a flat belly faster.

If having this optimal health interests you, and you want to be able to enjoy your indulgent meals without much worry, then you most certainly want to click the link below:

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